What we do

As the leading innovator in architecture, construction, and interior design our focus is to better our community with creative designs and solutions. Our vertically integrated services offers single source accountability and maintains the design vision from concept to completion. The result is a next generation custom design luxurious complex that meets and exceeds expectations for now and in the future.

Real Estate investor & Broker

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We shape our building then they shape us.

Successful buildings capture the spirit of their surroundings; we see architecture as a language that speaks of the place. Enhancing people lives, improving how they work, play and worship even as they declare or assert their own identity. They’re visually appealing, comfortable, flexible and efficient, a pleasure to be in. We believe that architecture should be technically, socially, culturally and environmentally relevant to their time and space. Architecture is the alpha principle of all arts. It is a means to highlight the creation of sophisticated interiors where light, space and balance are ideal. Their constructions alter past models, reinventing them for today's needs. Groundroots envision a space where the development of historical buildings, true living spaces and design meet.

Interior design

Our Interior designers have a wealth of experience designing elegant and stunning spaces, in any style. The results are delightful, light-filled spaces, fluid flow patterns and more living space per square foot. Like the rest of our design services, we’ve created interiors that span the spectrum from private houses to office towers; from art galleries to industrial buildings. We also aim to build lasting relations with you through strong communications and hard work. We are always happy to customize enchanting and marvelous designs for your units. Ensuring that you’re delighted now and in the long term.

Projects management

Communication and leadership are extremely important in keeping complex projects running smoothly from start to finish. Groundroots project managers offer qualified project management and administration services with high standard on teamwork and a focus on results. We work with all type of projects but primarily in the construction and property sectors. Our project management services includes strategic advice, facility management, risk analysis and performance management.

New construction

Groundroots offer flexible construction options and full custom solutions. The safety our employees, customers and the general public is a high priority for us. Our goal is to better meet your demands by improving on the construction process. We continuously develop new processes and custom engineered methods for product development and production management specifically tailored to property architecture.


We work with architects, designers and home owners to extend, transformed or create the property just how you want it – quickly, efficiently and reliable. Our professional design and build services includes home extension, loft conversions, new builds and basement conversions. In Addition we offer full spectrum renovation services including painting, decorating, electrical, plumbing heating& cooling, tiling and carpentry. In fact everything you need to convert or refurbish your bathroom, kitchen or whole property.

Exterior & landscape design

As specialists in landscape design, we are committed to building in ways that tread lightly on sensitive land, using natural resources conservatively and creatively, incorporating construction methods and renewable materials that are climate appropriate. We visually enhance public and private outdoor spaces with pools, patios, and garden centers.

Solar energy

Future of our world

The sun powers everything that grows on earth, a clean free renewable source of safe energy. We offer Solar Power Installation solutions to homeowners, farmers, municipalities, school boards and large corporations all over Ontario. At Groundroots, we see the sun as our energy of tomorrow for generations to come.

Aging in place

Live in the Home and community of your choice, as you get older

Our designers are well versed in Aging in Place strategies, and can assist you in planning the necessary modifications to your home, enabling you to accommodate and make life better and safer while not losing your independence. Re-organizing space, the addition of ramps and/or grab rails, incorporating a rental unit. Our aging at Home strategies will allow you to stay in your home and the community that you love.

Home staging

Staged homes sell faster and for more money.

Home staging brings the imagination and insight needed to become excited about a property. We offer high-end home staging tailored services to property developers, landlords and private sellers. Our interior designer bring luxurious furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting, plants, and accessories enticing buyers with style complexity that feels within their reach. Generally, not only do staged homes sell much quicker than non-staged homes, but they sell on average over 10% above asking price. So not only do we bring out the very best in your property, we help you to achieve its maximum market value.